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These days, most people are aware that churches do not receive any central funding and have to be self-supporting financially.

St Stephen’s calendar of social events also includes a few pure fundraising events, such as the Quiz night in September, we need to fundraise in order to raise the extra money needed to  keep the church in good order, pay for repairs and unexpected bills, as well as some day-to-day running expenses, unfortunately there is always going to be a shortfall because the repairs needed can cost a substantial amount of money. Our fundraising events are usually open to everyone of all ages, and are designed to be good fun as well as financially beneficial- please look out for the adverts and come along to support if you can!


Giving & Donations

If you would like to give to give a one off or regular donation to St. Stephen’s you can do so by regular standing order or by making a one-off bank transfer.




Gift Aid: If you are a UK tax payer, you can make your donations go further by allowing the church to claim the Gift Aid back – please fill in a Gift Aid form.

Forms: Forms can be emailed to  or returned to church in person during a Sunday service,  or sent via post to ‘The Treasurer’ Care of St Stephen’s Church, Down Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN39 4HD.



Cheque Details: Please make payable to: The PCC of St Stephen Bexhill



Donations in cash can be placed in the Sunday offering, (collection basket during the services) Cash can also be gift aided – please use an envelope provided at the back the church.


Card donations;

Not everyone carries cash…We now have a ‘’Sum up’’ card machine available at the back of church, this will enable us to take a donation payment using your credit/debit card/phone/ apple pay etc. This is very safe and secure. You can donate using your card in person at any of our Sunday services, donations can be gift-aided too, the same as if you give cash.  It’s quick and simple to use.


St Stephen’s Gift Day

We hold a special gift day, to celebrate when the first stone was laid and the church was founded in 1898. This is in June each year and everyone is invited to give a one-off special gift for the work of St Stephen’s to continue into the future. Your gifts help to pay for essential running costs and repairs.


Easy Fundraising;

Do you ever shop online? Please consider signing up to easy-fundraising, this will allow us to get paid a small amount each time you shop! There is no cost to you and it’s simple to log in and shop as normal. The poster below has more information…

Church Hall Roof Repair Appeal

Lead was stolen from our church hall roof, causing damage and major leaks. Some repairs have been done to stop the leaks, but more work will be needed. The roof repair appeal is ongoing, please see our GoFundMe page for more details of how you can support us. Thank you. 

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