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Learning Together

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It’s important to read the Bible, we do this together in church services every week and then there’s usually a sermon or talk on the Bible passage read.

The church has a medium sized congregation (average attendance of approx 70 people) which continues to grow, which is great, however some people find studying the Bible easier in a smaller group setting. Also with a growing church, sometimes it can be difficult to give pastoral care support to everyone on a Sunday morning, people can easily “slip through the gaps”. Some people prefer to be in a smaller group to share their needs and concerns.  

Homegroups (or cell groups) are small groups consisting of between six and twelve people who meet regularly for Bible study, prayer and fellowship, they can also offer pastoral support to each other. We would encourage all of our church family to consider joining a small group, a place to learn and develop, deepen friendships, and grow in faith.

There are currently four Homegroups within our church, meeting at various times and venues.

For more information; please send us an email, or phone us using the contacts page.

You can also have a chat to some of the leaders on a Sunday Morning in church; Renee Durndell, Angela Cooke, Colin Gibbs and Angela Hartley; they will be pleased to tell you more about their groups and what they do.

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During Lent we usually have a Lent course- which is a good time of learning together once a week, for about six weeks. It’s usually a study, or series of talks, with exploration time. The Lent course is usually held in the afternoon and repeated again in the evening so that people can choose the best time to attend to fit around work or other commitments and also to cater for those who would rather not travel at night when it’s dark.


Alpha is a series of talks and discussions, normally 10-12 weeks. It usually involves food! We start off by meeting together for a meal, followed by the talk and discussion over coffee or cup of tea.


Alpha is a good way to start if you’re quite new to church. Perhaps you have a lot of questions, or are maybe seeking something for the first time. Even if you’ve been attending church for a while, sometimes you need a refresher. This is for anyone who is looking to deepen their faith.

You can also invite friends along who have never been to church ever before!

Look out for details of dates and times of the next course.

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